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What is the Bilawal Bhutto’s stance on the may 9 riots?


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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has endorsed the call for a judicial commission to probe the May 9 protests following the arrest of PTI founder Imran Khan. Speaking in the National Assembly, Bilawal agreed with the demand made by newly-elected K-P CM Ali Amin Gandapur, who had earlier demanded a judicial commission to investigate the protests. Bilawal stressed that the results of such an inquiry should be accepted by all parties involved.

Bilawal also emphasized the need for dialogue and reconciliation to steer Pakistan out of the current crisis, instead of exchanging harsh words and abuse in the assembly. He expressed disappointment over the tradition of censoring speeches on TV, which was started during the tenure of Imran Khan, and urged for the creation of a code of conduct for politics and politicians.

The PPP scion highlighted the importance of no single party making important decisions in the government due to a split mandate, stressing the need for cooperation and expressing confidence in the premiership of Shehbaz Sharif to better the current situation. Bilawal also congratulated the leader of the opposition Omar Ayub and the chief ministers of the four provinces on their election, stating that the House belongs to all of them.

In his speech, Bilawal maintained that the nation needs judicial and electoral reforms and sought the opposition’s support on the issues. He asserted that the Constitution applies to all of us and that if he deviates from the Constitution, he should be punished according to the law.

During the session, a bitter exchange took place between an SIC and a PPP MNA, which was calmed down by the speaker. The session concluded with PM Shehbaz congratulating Bilawal for speaking well.

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