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Photo Agency Refuses to Hand Over Images of Harry and Meghan’s Alleged Car Chase


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In the midst of conflicting accounts surrounding the alleged car chase involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a photo agency called Backgrid has refused to hand over the images captured during the incident. The agency, based in California, stated that it had rejected a legal demand from the couple’s legal team to share the material taken in New York on Tuesday night.

Backgrid’s lawyers responded with a tongue-in-cheek remark, highlighting that the concept of “royal prerogative” had long been rejected by Americans. The agency emphasized that property in the United States belongs to its owner, and third parties cannot simply demand access to it as royal figures might expect. They suggested that the Sussexes’ legal team should be reminded that the English rules of royal prerogative do not apply in the United States, and they affirmed their adherence to the principles established by the founding fathers of the country.

While the New York police acknowledged the challenging presence of “numerous photographers” during the couple’s journey after an awards ceremony, they reported no collisions, injuries, summonses, or arrests. Conflicting accounts have emerged, with a taxi driver involved in the pursuit suggesting that the spokesperson’s description of the incident was exaggerated, and some photographers denying certain aspects of the story.

Backgrid, which specializes in entertainment pictures, revealed that it was investigating the conduct of four freelance photographers involved in capturing images of the Sussexes. The agency contested the couple’s characterization of the incident, stating that they were never in immediate danger throughout the pursuit. Despite the dispute, the agency is looking into the matter and examining the conduct of the photographers.

Prince Harry has previously expressed his frustration with the actions of the paparazzi, likening them to a pack of dogs that hounded his mother, Princess Diana. In a BBC documentary, he discussed his anger at the intrusive behavior of photographers and the tragic consequences it had for his mother. The recent incident involving the Sussexes has raised concerns about the safety and privacy of public figures and the impact of media interest on their lives.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex acknowledged their status as public figures but emphasized that their interest in their lives should never compromise their safety or well-being. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by individuals in the public eye and the ongoing tension between the Royal Family and the media regarding privacy issues.

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