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South Africa Urges UN Protection for Gaza Civilians


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South Africa has urged the United Nations to deploy a rapid protection force to safeguard civilians in the embattled Palestinian enclave of Gaza. This appeal comes in the wake of Israel intensifying its response to a deadly attack by Hamas, a move that has escalated tensions in the region. South Africa, a long-standing advocate for peace in the Middle East, has drawn parallels between the plight of the Palestinian people and its own experiences under the apartheid regime, which came to an end in 1994.

Unlike many nations that have called for a ceasefire or the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to facilitate aid delivery to Gaza, South Africa’s call for a protection force represents a more robust stance in support of the Palestinian cause. The situation in Gaza has deteriorated significantly as Israel has tightened its blockade and intensified its bombardment since Hamas fighters breached the Israeli border on October 7, resulting in the tragic loss of approximately 1,400 lives.

Reports from Palestinians in Gaza have described relentless air and artillery strikes, with entire generations of families being impacted by the violence. South Africa’s foreign ministry issued a statement decrying the devastating loss of life in Gaza, citing specific instances such as a member of the Palestinian community in Johannesburg losing 25 family members in an Israeli air strike. Tragically, family members of a senior Palestinian diplomat in South Africa also perished in an attack on their apartment building.

The statement emphasized the alarming number of non-combatants, particularly children, who have fallen victim to the conflict. It called on the international community to demonstrate a commitment to global accountability in the face of such a dire humanitarian crisis.

Medical authorities in Gaza have reported that the three-week-long conflict has resulted in a staggering 8,306 casualties. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has previously offered his country’s assistance in mediating the conflict, demonstrating a strong commitment to finding a peaceful resolution.

Earlier this month, South Africa’s foreign minister engaged in discussions with the leader of Hamas regarding the urgent need to provide aid to Gaza while clarifying that this engagement did not signify support for the group.

As the world watches the situation in Gaza with growing concern, South Africa’s plea for a UN protection force serves as a poignant reminder of the pressing need for a peaceful and humanitarian resolution to this ongoing crisis.

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