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Holly Willoughby’s Knowledge of Phillip Schofield’s Affair Sparks Curiosity


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Viewers and fans of the popular daytime TV show, This Morning, are now directing their attention toward Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield’s close friend and long-time colleague. The burning question on everyone’s minds is whether she was aware of Schofield’s affair.

In a shocking revelation last year, Schofield publicly disclosed his sexuality and admitted to having had an affair with a younger male colleague while still married to his wife, Stephanie Lowe. He confessed to having deceived not only his family but also his network ITV, his agency, and his friends. Eamonn Holmes, a former colleague, and occasional critic, alleged that the network was aware of the affair but failed to take any action.

These revelations raise the crucial question of whether Willoughby, who had co-hosted This Morning with Schofield for 13 years, was aware of his infidelity.

When Schofield came out as gay in 2020, Willoughby showed unwavering support, expressing her pride in him. Reports suggest that during the difficult period preceding Schofield’s revelation, Willoughby stood by Stephanie, Schofield’s wife.

Sources close to the situation indicate that Willoughby has been a loyal friend, respecting the couple’s privacy and maintaining their trust. It is believed that she played a supportive role, offering a listening ear during their challenging conversations.

“Holly loves Steph and recognizes the couple’s struggles. She was a pillar of support for both of them during this trying time and would never betray their confidence,” an insider revealed.

As the focus shifts from Schofield’s admission to the potential knowledge held by Willoughby, speculation and curiosity abound among viewers and fans of the beloved TV duo. Willoughby’s close bond with Schofield and her empathetic nature make it natural for people to wonder if she had any inkling of the affair.

Only time will reveal the truth behind this lingering question. Until then, fans of This Morning continue to follow the story, eager to uncover the dynamics of the relationship between the two hosts.

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