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Ishaq Dar Asserts Real Value of USD Against PKR is Rs250


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Former finance minister Ishaq Dar has expressed optimism regarding the upcoming IMF economic review, anticipating that its success will pave the way for Pakistan to receive a substantial installment of $700 million. In a recent statement, he underscored the importance of all forces within the country working collaboratively, emphasizing that their collective efforts are crucial for the nation’s progress.

Dar made a notable assertion, stating, “The real value of the dollar is Rs250.” This declaration aligns with his stance from September 2022 when he advocated for a dollar rate lower than 200. He further elaborated on this point by asserting, “The dollar should come close to Rs250.” Dar commended the responsibility demonstrated by interbank systems and exchange companies in this regard.

During his tenure as finance minister, Dar emphasized that significant measures were taken to combat dollar smuggling and hoarding, highlighting his commitment to achieving and maintaining economic stability.

It is important to note that Dar clarified that Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan was not part of any ‘guarantee,’ distancing himself from speculations about Sharif’s political return.

Moreover, when questioned about the current state of Pakistan’s economy, Dar redirected the inquiry towards the present government, emphasizing that they should be held accountable for the nation’s economic performance.

Ishaq Dar’s remarks shed light on his positive outlook regarding Pakistan’s economic prospects, his views on the USD to PKR exchange rate, and his commitment to financial stability. Additionally, he clarified his stance on Nawaz Sharif’s return and urged accountability for the nation’s economic situation.

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