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Malinga-inspired Zaman Khan Aims to Shine for Pakistan in International Cricket


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Zaman Khan, a promising young Pakistani fast bowler, is aiming to make a name for himself in international cricket, inspired by the legendary Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga. Zaman, who plays for the Lahore Qalandars franchise in the Pakistan Super League, has been working on his unorthodox bowling style to replicate Malinga’s success.

Malinga was known for his unique action and the ability to bowl devastating yorkers at will, and Zaman has been following in his footsteps by focusing on developing a similar ability to bowl accurate yorkers. The 21-year-old has been playing alongside Shaheen Afridi, another talented Pakistani fast bowler, who has been guiding and mentoring him.

Zaman expressed his gratitude towards Shaheen, saying that he has learned a lot since coming under his wings. Shaheen has been a valuable mentor to Zaman, sharing his knowledge and experience to help the young bowler improve his skills.

Zaman’s ultimate goal is to perform well for Pakistan and make the country proud. He believes that whenever he gets the opportunity, he will try his best to give his 100% and win matches for Pakistan. Zaman has shown promising signs in his young career so far, and many believe that he has the potential to become a top-quality fast bowler for Pakistan.


The Lahore Qalandars franchise has a strong bowling lineup, with Shaheen Afridi and Zaman Khan leading the way. The team has been performing well in the Pakistan Super League, with the two fast bowlers playing a key role in their success. Zaman has been working hard on his bowling, trying to perfect his action and improve his accuracy, and he is determined to continue his development and make a name for himself in the international cricket scene.


Zaman Khan is a young and promising fast bowler who is inspired by the great Lasith Malinga. He has been working hard to develop his skills and is grateful for the guidance and mentorship of Shaheen Afridi. With his dedication and determination, Zaman has the potential to become a top-quality fast bowler for Pakistan and make the country proud.

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