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Pakistan-US Defense Dialogue


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The Pakistan-US mid-level defense dialogue is set to take place in Washington, starting on February 13th. This will be the second round of the dialogue aimed at strengthening ties between the two strategic allies.

The Chief of General Staff from Pakistan will lead the delegation, which will include senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joint Staff Headquarters, and three Services Headquarters.

On the American side, the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense will be represented. During the four-day dialogue, both sides will discuss issues related to bilateral defense and security cooperation.

The first round of this dialogue was held in Pakistan in 2021, with both countries seeking to expand cooperation in areas of mutual interest such as counterterrorism and border security.

The mid-level defense dialogue is seen as a significant step forward in the relationship between Pakistan and the United States.

Both countries are keen to enhance their cooperation on defense and security matters, and the dialogue is expected to be a platform for discussing and finding ways to achieve these goals.

The discussions will also address current challenges facing the two nations and how they can work together to overcome them.

Additionally, the dialogue will provide an opportunity for both sides to share their perspectives on regional and global security issues and to explore ways to address common security threats.

The outcome of the dialogue is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and the United States and in promoting regional stability.

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