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Pakistan’s Vision: Gateway to Global Connectivity


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Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir engaged in a candid and insightful discussion with prominent US think tanks and media, shedding light on Pakistan’s vision for regional security, its commitment to counter transnational terrorism, and its strategic role in maintaining stability in South Asia. The conversation emphasized Pakistan’s aspiration to position itself as a hub of connectivity and a gateway to Central Asia and beyond, underscoring its significance from both geopolitical and geo-economic perspectives. Notably, Pakistan seeks to establish itself as a key player in fostering connectivity, rejecting bloc politics in favor of balanced relationships with all friendly nations.

General Munir articulated Pakistan’s desire to enhance bilateral engagement with the United States through a comprehensive and enduring multi-domain partnership. The COAS expressed satisfaction with the positive interactions held during his visit to the US, fostering stronger ties with both political and military leadership. The commitment to fortify this relationship reflects Pakistan’s dedication to collaborating with the US on shared concerns, including terrorism and regional stability.

Highlighting Pakistan’s unwavering stance against transnational terrorism, General Munir emphasized the nation’s pivotal role in ensuring regional stability and contributing to global peace and security. He acknowledged Pakistan’s substantial contributions and sacrifices in the prolonged battle against terrorism, reaffirming the nation’s commitment to persevere until its logical conclusion aligns with the aspirations of the Pakistani people.

The COAS also brought attention to the Kashmir issue, emphasizing the need for its resolution by the wishes of the people of Kashmir and relevant UN Security Council Resolutions. He asserted that Kashmir remains an internationally recognized dispute, and no unilateral actions should alter its nature against the desires of the millions living in the region.

Furthermore, General Munir passionately addressed the urgent need to alleviate suffering in Gaza, advocating for the provision of humanitarian assistance and the implementation of a two-state solution to ensure enduring peace in the region. His remarks underscored Pakistan’s commitment to promoting stability and harmony not only in its immediate vicinity but also on the global stage.

The army chief’s engagement with the US think tanks serves as a platform to convey Pakistan’s strategic objectives, fostering understanding and collaboration. As Pakistan aims to become a connectivity hub, these discussions signal its openness to constructive partnerships and emphasize its dedication to addressing regional challenges through diplomatic dialogue and cooperation.

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