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Pakistan Urges UN Probe


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Pakistan has raised concerns about the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) obtaining modern weaponry for terrorist activities within the country. During a UN Security Council debate addressing the threat of small arms and light weapons, Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative, Usman Jadoon, emphasized the need for an investigation into how the banned TTP is acquiring sophisticated weaponry.

He attributed the acquisition of such arms by terrorist groups to illicit arms markets or external entities aiming to destabilize regions. Ambassador Jadoon urged the responsibility of all states and the UN to prevent the illicit trade and transfer of advanced weapons, emphasizing Pakistan’s commitment to global peace and security through collaboration with the international community.

The call for an investigation into the TTP’s weaponry sources underscores Pakistan’s proactive engagement in addressing security challenges on the global stage. The country is taking a strong stance against terrorism and advocating for measures to curb the illicit trade of arms, highlighting its commitment to fostering peace and stability.

In a parallel diplomatic effort, Pakistan has called for the establishment of a special tribunal and accountability mechanism to investigate alleged war crimes by Israel against Palestinians. Munir Akram, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, voiced this demand at an Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly on the Situation in Palestine. This initiative showcases Pakistan’s commitment to justice, accountability, and the promotion of lasting peace in conflict-ridden regions.

These diplomatic endeavors demonstrate Pakistan’s proactive role in addressing critical issues on the international platform. By urging investigations into terrorist activities and alleged war crimes, the country is actively contributing to global efforts for a safer and more secure world.

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