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ECP Initiates Scrutiny of 28,000 Nomination Papers for Elections


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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has commenced the scrutiny of over 28,000 nomination papers submitted by candidates for the upcoming general and reserved seats of the national and provincial assemblies. The scrutiny process, which began on Monday, will continue until December 30, allowing the candidates, their proposers, and seconders a reasonable opportunity to examine all the nomination papers. The ECP has established an online facilitation center at its secretariat, supported by various institutions, to assist the returning officers in the scrutiny process. The rules outlined by the Elections Act emphasize that returning officers are prohibited from asking irrelevant questions during the scrutiny, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation of the nomination papers.

The scrutiny process is a crucial phase in the lead-up to the elections, as it aims to screen out candidates who are ineligible to contest the polls. With a significant number of candidates vying for both general and reserved seats, the ECP’s thorough scrutiny is essential to uphold the integrity of the electoral process. The ECP’s commitment to providing a reasonable opportunity for the examination of nomination papers and its emphasis on adhering to the rules set out by the Elections Act underscore the importance of a fair and transparent electoral system.

The upcoming general elections, scheduled for February 8, have generated significant interest and participation, as evidenced by the large number of candidates who have submitted their nomination papers. The allocation of election symbols to candidates is set to take place on January 13, further marking the progression towards the electoral process. As the scrutiny process unfolds, the ECP’s efforts to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and to facilitate a smooth and transparent evaluation of the nomination papers are vital in upholding the democratic principles of the electoral process.

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