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Clarification on Presidential Claims: Ministers Address Recent Law Controversy


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In a move to address the recent controversy surrounding President Alvi’s claims about two newly enacted laws, interim Law Minister Ahmed Irfan Aslam and Information Minister Murtaza Solangi held a joint press conference in Islamabad. The conference aimed to provide clarity on the matter and rebuff the President’s assertion that he was uncertain about the status of the bills. The ministers presented their legal and constitutional standpoints on the issue, clarifying the government’s position.

According to Mr. Aslam, the government had not received either of the two bills from the presidency, implying that both bills had effectively become law. He cited Article 75 of the Constitution, which outlines the President’s options when presented with a bill. The President can either sign the bill into law or reject it, accompanied by reasons for the rejection. If the President does not choose either option, the bill automatically becomes law after ten days.

Mr. Aslam further explained that since the President had not exercised either option and had instead kept the bills pending at the Presidency, they were deemed to have become laws after the ten-day period lapsed. While President Alvi had previously utilized one of the two available options, there was no historical precedent for withholding a bill by leaving it unsigned for ten days.

Information Minister Solangi, addressing concerns about potential actions against the President, clarified that no such measures would be taken due to the high regard and respect for the office of the President. He emphasized that the sanctity of the President’s position prevents any moves against him while he holds the office.

The joint press conference aimed to dispel any confusion stemming from the President’s statements. Minister Solangi highlighted that the purpose of the conference was to remove any ambiguity created by the President’s remarks. The law minister, Mr. Aslam, concluded by asserting that the practice of returning bills without any observations or assent contradicts the principles of the Constitution and goes against its letter and spirit.

In light of the recent developments and the ministers’ comprehensive explanation, the situation surrounding the contested laws has been clarified, providing a better understanding of the legal processes involved.

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