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    Zara’s Controversial Campaign: Faces Criticism Over Gaza

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    Spanish fashion retailer Zara is currently under fire on social media as its recent campaign, titled The Jacket, part of the Atelier series, is facing criticism for seemingly using death and destruction as a backdrop for fashion. The controversial campaign features model Kristen McMenamy holding a mannequin draped in white fabric resembling shrouded bodies, reminiscent of the victims of Israel’s indiscriminate war on Gaza. Mannequins with missing limbs are depicted against a backdrop of rubble, and eagle-eyed observers noted that one piece of plasterboard in the background resembles an upside-down map of Palestine.

    The campaign, which Zara describes as a “limited edition collection celebrating our commitment to craftsmanship and passion for artistic expression,” has sparked outrage among social media users, leading to calls for a boycott of the fashion brand. Entrepreneur and designer Samira Atash initiated the call for a boycott, and others have pointed out the insensitivity of using such imagery for a fashion promotion. Palestinian artist Hazem Harb expressed his outrage on Instagram, stating, “Using death and destruction as a backdrop for fashion is beyond sinister. It’s complicity and should outrage us as consumers; boycott Zara.”

    As the campaign images went viral and the backlash intensified, Zara responded by deleting the picture from its social media handles. However, the company has yet to issue an official statement addressing the concerns raised by consumers. This is not the first time Zara has faced boycott calls, as a previous controversy involved Vanessa Perilman, the head designer for the brand, making derogatory and Islamophobic comments about Palestine during a conversation with a male model. The model exposed the exchange on social media, leading to renewed calls for a boycott.

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