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Hania Aamir on Past Relationship and Trolls


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Pakistani television and film actor Hania Aamir, who made her debut in 2016 with the feature film “Janaan,” recently shared insights into her past relationship, the valuable lessons learned, and her approach to handling online trolls during an appearance on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast.

In the podcast, Hania Aamir candidly discussed her past relationship, expressing that she thoroughly enjoyed the positive aspects of it without harboring regrets. She emphasized that every moment, both good and bad, played a significant role in her life. “I enjoyed every single thing about it; the bad part was meant to happen, I could not do anything about it. There is no regret in my life. I exactly acted the way I wanted to. I did the things as per my thought process or intellect,” she shared.

Reflecting on the lessons learned from her experiences, Hania Aamir stated, “I think that I have learned what to show and what to hide. Now, I do what I feel is right. A lot of things are quite normal for me, so I post about them. Yes, I have learned that romantic relationships should be protected because they are too fragile.” She highlighted the vulnerability of such relationships and acknowledged that the public, often fans invested in one’s personal life, can be affected if a relationship faces challenges.

When addressing the topic of dealing with trolls, Hania Aamir revealed that she avoids reading negative comments on her profile. She emphasized that she only pays attention if feedback comes from friends and family. According to her, trolling rarely happens now, or perhaps she has learned to overlook it.

The actress’s openness about her personal experiences adds a relatable dimension to her public image, showcasing resilience and growth. As she navigates the complexities of relationships and online scrutiny, Hania Aamir’s candid revelations resonate with many, reinforcing the idea that learning from life’s challenges is an ongoing process.

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