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For Palestine, This is life or death


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In the complex landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it’s crucial to dispel misconceptions and understand the nuanced dynamics at play. The claim that Hamas governs all Palestinians is far from the truth. The Palestinian territories are divided, with Gaza under Hamas‘ semi-governing control, while the West Bank is administered by the Palestinian Authority. Neither has full sovereignty, as Israel maintains overall control in these occupied territories.

Israel’s narrative of Hamas being the root cause of the conflict oversimplifies a deeply entrenched issue. It’s vital to recognize that these territories are not independent countries but occupied Palestinian territories within Israel.

The strategy of divide and conquer is instrumental in Israel’s management of the Palestinian population. United, Palestinians could pose a significant challenge to Israel’s dominance. However, keeping them separate ensures Israel’s control.

Moreover, the struggle for Palestinian liberation encompasses all of historic Palestine, not just Gaza and the West Bank. This includes addressing issues like land theft, demolitions, apartheid, and restrictions on movement in the West Bank, in addition to addressing the historical grievances stemming from the displacement of Palestinians.

Nonetheless, speaking out on this issue, especially for Palestinians, is fraught with risks. It is essential to understand that when Palestinians openly discuss Palestine on social media, they are often putting their lives, families, and even extended families at risk. Israel has a track record of arresting Palestinians for expressing their views online, and this extends to the Palestinian Diaspora, who risk being banned from ever visiting their homeland.

In no way does this discussion aim to instill fear in individuals, but rather, it underscores the immense responsibility and courage that Palestinians exhibit when they speak up for their cause. Despite the risks, Palestinians believe it is their duty to raise their voices and advocate for justice. They do so to honor their heritage, history, and ancestors, and to draw attention to the ongoing challenges faced by their people.

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