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How has Kate Middleton’s health been in recent months?


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Recent reports suggest that Meghan Markle is attempting to leverage Kate Middleton’s recent challenges to mend their relationship, although Middleton is reportedly inclined to maintain her distance. Following an abdominal surgery in January, the Princess of Wales has maintained a low profile, culminating in the sharing of a “heavily-edited” photo on Mother’s Day.

In response to criticism over the edited image, Kate issued a statement apologizing for any confusion caused by the family photograph. She explained that, like many amateur photographers, she occasionally experiments with editing and expressed regret for any misunderstandings arising from the shared picture.

According to a royal expert cited by the Mirror, Meghan, who has faced online harassment, may see an opportunity to reconcile with Kate amidst the drama. The expert noted that Meghan has reached out multiple times and expressed genuine concern for her sister-in-law’s well-being.

Contrastingly, another expert, Jennie Bond, shared a different perspective with OK! magazine, suggesting that Kate is unlikely to heed Meghan’s advice. Bond emphasized that Kate, focusing on her physical and mental recovery, would not view Meghan, who had a brief tenure in the royal family, as a suitable source of guidance during this period.

Jennie Bond further elaborated that Kate’s current priority is her own well-being, indicating that addressing any family discord is not a priority at this time.

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