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Pakistan and Iran Move Towards De-Escalation Amidst Tensions


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Pakistan’s National Security Committee (NSC) has ratified a move towards reducing tensions with Iran and is committed to addressing mutual security concerns. The NSC meeting was convened to discuss the latest escalation with Iran following its cross-border strikes and Pakistan’s retaliatory attack. The statement issued by the prime minister’s office after the meeting marked a dramatic shift from heightened tensions earlier in the week, laying the ground for opening a potential pathway towards renewed dialogue and diplomatic engagement.

The NSC hoped that both countries “would mutually be able to overcome minor irritants through dialogue and diplomacy and pave the way to further deepen their historic relations”.The committee also reviewed border conditions and the readiness to effectively counter any future infringements on national sovereignty. It emphasized that any violation, under any pretext, would be met with the state’s full force.

Later, during the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar stressed that it would be beneficial for both Pakistan and Iran to work towards restoring their relationship to its pre-January 16 states. The cabinet, which met soon after the NSC’s meeting, also endorsed the committee’s decisions.

The situation between Pakistan and Iran remains tense, with both countries engaging in cross-border strikes and downgrading diplomatic relations. However, the recent moves towards de-escalation and renewed dialogue are a positive development. The international community must continue to call for an end to the violence and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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