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Survey Reveals Cryptocurrency Users’ Eagerness for AI Advancements in Blockchain and Trading


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According to a recent survey conducted by KuCoin, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, six out of every ten cryptocurrency users are eagerly anticipating artificial intelligence (AI) advancements in blockchain and trading. The survey, released on Thursday, sheds light on the perspectives and aspirations of users across different generations regarding AI integration and blockchain efficiency.

The findings reveal that over 90 percent of respondents have either utilized or expressed interest in leveraging AI to enhance efficiency in their daily lives. Notably, respondents from Generation Z (born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s) and Generation Y (born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s) display a higher adoption rate and more positive reception of AI compared to those from Generation X (born between the mid-1960s and the late 1970s). This trend indicates a generational shift towards embracing AI technologies.

Conducted from May 10 to May 17, the survey encompasses the perspectives of 1,125 crypto users worldwide. The respondents comprise 15 percent from Generation Z (aged 18-24), 54 percent from Generation Y (aged 25-40), and 31 percent from Generation X (aged 40 and above).

The survey highlights that generative AI for text, such as ChatGPT, is preferred across all generations, with 51 percent of respondents expressing their preference. Navigation apps and voice AI assistants are highly valued for their practicality and convenience, especially among Generation Z and Generation Y users. AI-generated creative content and AI-powered trading tools are also gaining popularity, particularly among Generation Y users.

Moreover, the survey indicates that AI applications for education and work efficiency capture interest across all generations, indicating a demand for streamlined processes and personalized experiences. The growing interest in AI applications for healthcare and security/risk management is observed among all generations, underscoring the increasing acceptance of AI’s potential in these sectors.

The survey reveals that privacy and security concerns rank as the top concern for 48 percent of users, with Generation X respondents showing particular apprehension about the centralization of power resulting from AI deployment. Worries regarding human control, transparency, and job losses are shared across all generations but are more pronounced among Generation X users.

Regarding understanding AI in the crypto sphere, the survey indicates that 64 percent of crypto users are at least “somewhat” familiar with AI applications in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Generation Z and Generation Y exhibit a higher level of familiarity compared to Generation X, presenting an opportunity for tailored education and awareness-building across different generational needs.

The survey highlights the anticipation and enthusiasm among cryptocurrency users for AI advancements in blockchain and trading. The findings underscore the growing acceptance and adoption of AI technologies, with different generations exhibiting varying degrees of familiarity and interest. As AI continues to evolve, tailored educational efforts and addressing privacy and security concerns will be essential to further promote its integration into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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