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Wi-Fi centers for youth


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The Sindh government in Pakistan is planning to establish Wi-Fi centers in every district to provide internet access to the youth as a part of their initiative to bridge the digital divide and empower young people. This will not only improve digital literacy but will also provide equal opportunities for learning and professional development to marginalized youth.


The provision of free Wi-Fi access will help young people to access valuable online resources that can enhance their skills and knowledge. This will also enable them to participate in the digital economy, leading to economic growth and development.


The initiative has received positive feedback from businesses, including food panda, Daraz Pakistan, and SI Global, who has offered to collaborate with the government to support their efforts. With adequate connectivity infrastructure in place, businesses will also benefit from digitally savvy customers who can take advantage of e-commerce platforms.


Establishing Wi-Fi centers at the district level will provide direct access to the internet to young people, even in the tough economic conditions that exist today. This will help keep them engaged in healthy activities and promote the habit of book reading by providing Wi-Fi in district libraries.


Overall, the Sindh government’s initiative to establish Wi-Fi centers is a crucial step towards building a more connected and technology-driven society, which is critical for economic growth and development.

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