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Engineer Recreates Spider-Man’s Web Shooters


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JT, the talented engineer behind the YouTube channel Built IRL, has once again demonstrated its dedication to recreating the gadgets that give superheroes their extraordinary abilities. After successfully creating a grappling gun similar to Batman’s, JT turned their attention to Spider-Man’s iconic web shooters.

Two years after initially creating a handheld device that allowed them to swing through the air like Spider-Man, JT revisited and refined the design, resulting in a prop that looks straight out of a Marvel movie. However, JT is still limited by real-world physics, chemistry, and the materials available in our universe.

Without access to Pym particles, the web shooter JT engineered isn’t small enough to disappear on the wrist and doesn’t allow for blast after blast of ‘webbing.’ It must be manually re-loaded and re-pressurized with air each time it’s fired. The ingredients used to create Spider-Man’s strong and pliable webbing are still a mystery to chemists, so JT instead miniaturized the hook chain they created years ago for their Batman build.

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