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Miss Universe Indonesia Franchise Severs Ties Amid Harassment


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The Miss Universe Organization has taken a decisive step by disassociating itself from its Indonesian franchise due to alarming allegations of sexual harassment. This move has not only severed ties but also triggered the cancellation of an upcoming Miss Universe Malaysia edition.

The catalyst for this drastic action was a formal complaint lodged by over half a dozen women, who disclosed that all 30 finalists of Miss Universe Indonesia underwent an unexpected and distressing body check for scars and cellulite just days before the grand crowning ceremony in Jakarta.

In response to these grave allegations, the Miss Universe Organization swiftly reacted. On a prominent social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), the organization asserted that the actions of the Indonesian franchise were in direct contrast to their brand values, ethical standards, and expectations.

Consequently, they opted to terminate their partnership with PT Capella Swastika Karya, the current custodian of the Indonesian franchise, as well as its National Director, Poppy Capella.

The organization lauded the bravery displayed by the participants who stepped forward to share their experiences, reinforcing their unwavering commitment to nurturing a secure environment for women within their realm.

In the wake of these accusations, an official investigation has been initiated by Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, spokesperson for the Jakarta police. Intriguingly, this controversy has cast its shadow over the Miss Universe Malaysia franchise as well, since it operates under the same ownership as its Indonesian counterpart.

Responding to the allegations, Poppy Capella, director of the Indonesia franchise, took to Instagram to issue a comprehensive statement refuting any involvement in the subject body checks. She made a resounding point that neither she nor her team was privy to any form of violent or harassing actions during the orchestration of Miss Universe Indonesia 2023. Emphatically denouncing violence and sexual harassment, Capella reaffirmed her unwavering commitment to upholding these core values.

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