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Shoaib praises Sania


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Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik has praised his wife Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis player, for her outstanding career achievements. While speaking to the media during a practice session of the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL), Malik expressed his admiration for Mirza’s exceptional career in tennis, stating that she deserves all the recognition she has received.


Mirza, who played the last game of her career on Tuesday, has been widely lauded for her contribution to the sport of tennis. Malik, who is currently participating in the PSL, said that he is proud of his wife’s accomplishments and everything she has achieved so far.


When asked about Karachi Kings’ performance in the league, Malik expressed his discomfort over the team’s defeat in two matches, saying that they should have won those games. However, he said that the team’s maiden win against Lahore Qalandars has given them great confidence, and he hopes to play according to the role given to him.


Malik also shared his personal targets, stating that he aims to score at least 15,000 T20 runs before retiring from the sport. He expressed his love for cricket and stated that he would continue playing until he no longer enjoys it.


In recent months, divorce rumors have surrounded the power couple, but neither Malik nor Mirza has confirmed or denied the speculation. Fans have been left guessing about the couple’s relationship status, as they have remained tight-lipped about the matter.


Malik and Mirza are considered one of the most high-profile couples in South Asia, with both of them having achieved remarkable success in their respective sports. Malik has been a stalwart of the Pakistan cricket team for many years, while Mirza is India’s most successful female tennis player and a former world No. 1 in doubles.


The couple got married in 2010, and they have a son together named Izhaan. Over the years, they have faced various challenges, including accusations of match-fixing against Malik, which were later dismissed. However, their relationship has remained strong, and they have continued to support each other in their respective careers.


Malik’s praise for Mirza’s career comes at a time when she has announced her retirement from professional tennis. Mirza, who has won six Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles, has been a trailblazer for women’s tennis in India and has inspired many young girls to take up the sport.


Malik’s comments also highlight the close relationship between India and Pakistan, despite the tensions that have existed between the two nations for decades. The couple’s marriage has been seen as a symbol of the potential for peace and cooperation between the two countries, and their continued support for each other’s careers is a testament to the power of sports diplomacy.


In conclusion, Shoaib Malik’s praise for Sania Mirza’s outstanding career achievements is a testament to her talent and hard work. Despite the rumors surrounding their marriage, the couple’s support for each other’s careers is a reminder of the power of love and mutual respect. As they continue to inspire people across South Asia, their relationship remains a symbol of hope for the future of the region.

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