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What are the farewell speeches of outgoing senator?


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In a recent series of farewell speeches by retiring senators, a resounding call for unity and the restoration of true democracy reverberated through the upper house of parliament. The departing senators, after completing their six-year term, urged all political parties to embrace a unified strategy aimed at revitalizing the democratic fabric of the nation. Touching on a myriad of critical issues such as foreign policy, Kashmir and Palestinian affairs, provincial rights, and the ongoing incarceration of Pakistani scientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in a US prison, the senators’ speeches underscored a collective plea for political harmony and national progress.

Leader of the House, Ishaq Dar, emphasized the government’s commitment to reengage with the US administration to facilitate Dr. Siddiqui’s return, highlighting this as a top priority for the new cabinet. Senator Mushtaq Ahmad presented four political options for Dr. Siddiqui’s repatriation upon his return from the US, stressing the need for concerted efforts towards this cause. The senators also advocated for upholding provincial rights as per the Constitution and fostering democracy within political structures to navigate the country out of its current challenges.

Senator Molvi Faiz Muhammad emphasized the imperative of focusing on foreign policy matters, expressing concern over the silence of Islamic nations on issues like Kashmir and Palestine while calling attention to Balochistan’s plight. Other senators highlighted various crucial topics such as overseas Pakistanis’ concerns, respect for national institutions, and addressing public interests for national development.

As these retiring senators bid farewell and reflect on their tenure in parliament, their messages resonate with a call for collaborative action among political parties to fortify democracy and steer the nation toward progress. The diverse array of issues raised underscores the complexity and urgency of addressing the multifaceted challenges facing Pakistan.

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