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What is the Government’s plan to secure Dr.Aafia siddiqui’s return?


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In a recent series of farewell speeches by retiring senators, a call for unity and restoration of democracy echoed through the upper house of parliament. The senators addressed critical issues like foreign policy, provincial rights, and the continued incarceration of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in the US. Leader of the House, Ishaq Dar, emphasized plans to secure Dr. Siddiqui’s return, highlighting it as a priority agenda. Senator Mushtaq Ahmad proposed political options for her repatriation, urging action on provincial rights and democratic structures within political parties.

The senators stressed the importance of focusing on foreign policy matters, particularly the silence on Kashmir and Palestine by Islamic countries. They also highlighted the need to address the challenges faced by Balochistan and overseas Pakistanis. Calls were made for dialogue among political parties and respect for national institutions to foster development and democracy in the country.

Senator Saleem Mandviwalla expressed disappointment over issues that went against the public interest, emphasizing the responsibility entrusted to them by the people for the country’s prosperity. Senator Saifullah Abro advocated for open dialogue between political parties while upholding the Election Commission’s seat allocations. Senator Azam Nazir Tarar emphasized the essence of democracy in listening to diverse viewpoints within the Senate.

The farewell speeches underscored a collective plea for unity, democratic values, and national development amidst the challenges faced by Pakistan. The senators’ messages resonated with a call for political parties to work together towards a stronger democratic system that prioritizes national interests and public welfare.

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