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Speak Up For Parachinar


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Parachinar, a picturesque yet strategically sensitive valley near the border, has recently been plunged into a state of turmoil and unease. Dr. Ulamam Sid Shafqat Hussain Shirazi, the Head of the Majlis Ulemas of Pakistan and Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Majlis of Unity Muslim has raised grave concerns over the treatment of the people of Parachinar by Pakistan over the past years. Dr. Shirazi questions the repeated attempts to disrupt peace in the area, which the Pakistan Army has struggled to control.

The Parachinar region, formerly part of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), remains under complete military control, and any threat to the safety and security of these areas raises questions about the performance of the Pakistan Army. A need for a reevaluation of their approach, as the local population, characterized as patriotic, continues to suffer due to a flawed strategy that has sown hatred and left the tribes destitute and impoverished.

It is noted that the Pakistani establishment, in the past, had a strained relationship with the people of this region as it provided safe havens to terrorists, a consequence of which is borne by the oppressed population today.

Shia communities in Parachinar have faced continuous threats since controversial amendments were made to blasphemy laws. These communities have become vulnerable, and the situation in Parachinar has grown increasingly tense, drawing parallels with other international conflicts.

The situation in Parachinar is dire and demands immediate Pak Army attention. A Shia genocide has been unfolding in the region, characterized by ongoing attacks on the Shia community for over a week. Heavy weapons and the presence of terrorist elements have led to a significant loss of life.

All means of communication in Parachinar have been completely shut down, leaving the local population without access to vital information, assistance, and essential supplies. This has led to a severe humanitarian crisis, with many people in Parachinar suffering from a shortage of food and medicine. Approximately 25 civilians, including children, have tragically lost their lives, highlighting the severity of the situation.

The government and mainstream media have remained silent spectators, failing to address the escalating violence and the needs of the people in Parachinar. The local population feels abandoned by their government, drawing comparisons to the plight of Palestine. Immediate Army intervention is essential to protect lives and human rights in Parachinar.

We implore human rights organizations to take immediate action to halt the violence, restore communication, and deliver essential supplies to the affected population. The people of Parachinar deserve safety, security, and the right to live free from fear and persecution.

The current situation in Parachinar is a matter of great concern and urgency. The government must fulfill its responsibility to protect its citizens and provide the support and aid required to end this humanitarian emergency.

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