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Pakistan Hockey Captain Confident Ahead of Match Against Japan


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During a recent event hosted by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan hockey captain Ammad Butt expressed his team’s readiness to face Japan in the upcoming event. Reflecting on the team’s performance in the Azlan Shah Cup, Butt expressed satisfaction with the Green Shirts’ display, emphasizing their strong performance and unity on the field.

“The team showed good performance. I do not feel that my team lacked something,” stated Butt, highlighting the positive spirit and determination within the squad as they prepare to take on Japan in the next event. The captain’s confidence in the team’s abilities and cohesion bodes well for their upcoming matches.

Sufyan Khan, another member of the team, echoed Butt’s sentiments, emphasizing the seamless inclusion of senior players and the leadership of the skipper. Khan expressed satisfaction with the team dynamics during the tournament, underscoring the importance of experience and teamwork in achieving success on the field.

Reflecting on his experience, Abdul Rehman shared his thoughts on the Azlan Shah Cup, describing it as his first international event. Despite the challenges faced, Rehman acknowledged the disappointment of a defeat against Japan, highlighting the team’s determination to learn and grow from such experiences.

“The Azlan Shah Cup was my first international event. It was a heartbreaking moment to get drubbed at the hands of Japan,” expressed Rehman, emphasizing the learning opportunities that come with facing tough competition and the resilience required to bounce back stronger.

As the Pakistan hockey team gears up for their upcoming match against Japan, the players’ positive mindset and determination to improve and succeed will be crucial in their quest for victory. With a strong sense of unity and purpose, the Green Shirts are poised to showcase their skills and resilience on the field, aiming for a triumphant performance in their next event.

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