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Scarsdale International School: Other side of story


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Lahore: A video on social media recently went viral of a girl being tortured by her classmates at Scarsdale International School in Lahore and authorities were prompted to take notice and launch an investigation. The video, which has been shared numerous times on Twitter, shows three teenage girls holding their classmate by the hair and pinning her to the ground. The group is heard verbally abusing the alleged victim and telling her to “say sorry“. Another girl is also seen kicking the girl’s forehead, while another is seen recording a video of the episode on her mobile phone.


Recently another girl from the same school wrote:

“do not mention me. I am also from scarsdale and i have been in scarsdale for 13 years. the “victim” herself is an alcoholic. the girls beating her up are actually beating her up because of the fact that the she leaked nude photos of one of them to the girl’s father. They went to her to asked that why she did that and that she had to apologise. That is why they are saying “say sorry” in the video. Yes, the way is extremely wrong but the reason is valid. Now this victim’s father is very strong political personality. He leaked the video and wrote about drug nonsense just to show their “power”.”

Scarsdale Scandal


The Pakistani media has been criticized for often presenting a one-sided narrative and missing important details or perspectives in their coverage. This can be seen in their reporting on political issues, human rights violations, and social issues.

One major issue is the lack of unbiased reporting on political issues. The media often favors certain political parties or individuals and presents a biased narrative, leaving out important details or perspectives that may contradict their preferred narrative. This can lead to a lack of understanding and mistrust among the public.

Another issue is the lack of coverage on human rights violations in the country. The media often chooses to downplay or ignore these issues, which can lead to a lack of accountability for those responsible. This can also perpetuate a culture of impunity, where those in power feel they can act with impunity without fear of consequence.

In addition, the media often fails to provide a comprehensive understanding of social issues. They may focus on one aspect of an issue, such as poverty, and neglect to explore the root causes or potential solutions. This can lead to a lack of understanding and a lack of progress in addressing these issues.

Overall, the Pakistani media has a responsibility to present a balanced and unbiased narrative to the public. It is crucial for the media to provide a comprehensive understanding of important issues and to hold those in power accountable. Without this, the public may be left with a distorted understanding of the truth, leading to mistrust and a lack of progress in addressing important issues.


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