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Political instability suffocates human rights in Pakistan


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The annual report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) reveals that political instability has had a damaging impact on human rights in the country. The report, titled “State of Human Rights 2022,” covers a range of issues related to human rights, but there are other dimensions to the problem.

The political instability has also had severe economic consequences for ordinary citizens. This ongoing political conflict is undermining the intellectual capacity of the country to understand and solve the nation’s problems. Pakistan is grappling with the rise of religious extremism and intolerance, which is further exacerbating the situation.

Society is in disarray, with political polarization affecting relationships within families and circles of friends. The recent audio leaks that allegedly involved relatives of judges and lawyers and a former chief justice of the Supreme Court have created an ominous shadow of this aberration across the judicial and administrative structures.

The inability of Pakistani society to deal with its problems is due to the stunted minds of its people amid political and economic disarray. The political and intellectual leaders have not taken any initiative to address the deficits of society. The system of education in the public sector has virtually collapsed, primarily due to a lack of political will to empower ordinary citizens.

The rivalry between the coalition government and the PTI is unlikely to subside, and it may even take a deadly turn. Even if the two sides make a deal, it will not heal the wounds suffered by Pakistani society and liberate the stunted minds of its people.

Pakistan needs leadership that can transform it into a more civilized country where liberal and progressive values can enrich the lives of citizens. Unfortunately, Imran Khan, a charismatic leader with a following in resourceful sectors, has turned out to be the latest tragedy of Pakistani politics. The PTI has raised the bar of incivility in politics, but this is only a peripheral issue compared to the derelictions of Imran Khan’s politics.

Societal collapse is a dominant thought in many minds, but it is not possible to have a rational, patient, and informed discussion about it in the media or even in exclusive social gatherings of friends and colleagues. HG Wells said, “There is no way out or round or through.” This quote reflects the present situation in Pakistan, and it’s time to take urgent action to prevent the situation from worsening.

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