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PMA Urges PMDC for MDCAT Exam Redo


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In a pivotal development, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has voiced its concerns to the President of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) regarding the recent Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) held on September 10, 2023. Following an official meeting of its central office-bearers, the PMA has expressed serious reservations about the organization and administration of the MDCAT, asserting that it resulted in less-than-ideal conditions for aspiring medical students. Moreover, the exam was marred by technical glitches and irregularities, exacerbating existing issues that demand immediate attention.

The PMA, recognizing the gravity and sensitivity of the situation, has issued a compelling call to the PMDC: it urges the council to contemplate the re-conduction of the MDCAT exam, without imposing any additional fees on the candidates. The objective is to ensure a level playing field for all students and to uphold the principles of fairness and transparency in the admission process.

Furthermore, the PMA emphatically recommends that all students who participated in the original MDCAT test should be afforded an equal opportunity to retake the examination. Importantly, results should be determined solely on the basis of merit, free from any external influences or considerations. This move seeks to rectify the current turmoil that has left many dedicated students in a state of anxiety and distress.

The plight of these students, who invested considerable time and effort in preparing for the MDCAT, cannot be understated. The PMA calls upon the PMDC to swiftly address this pressing issue and establish an equitable platform that upholds the aspirations of all aspiring medical students.

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