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Pakistan to Commence Month-Long Celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the Constitution of 1973


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Pakistan is all set to begin a month-long celebration of the Golden Jubilee of its Constitution of 1973 on April 10, 2023. A committee, led by Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, comprising Senators and Members of the National Assembly (MNAs), has prepared a comprehensive program for the celebrations, which will be observed throughout the country.

On the first day of the celebrations, Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf will lay the foundation stone of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 Memorial at D-Chowk in front of the Parliament House and Parliament Lodges. The Speaker, along with Members of Parliament, will also visit the Memorial of Martyrs of Democracy in the garden of the Parliament House. An exhibition displaying photographs taken at the time of the approval of the 1973 Constitution in the National Assembly will also be visited by the Speaker and Members of Parliament. They will review the draft Constitution of Pakistan in detail in front of the National Assembly Hall.

A national constitutional convention has also been organized in the National Assembly, where different segments of society, including constitutional heads of the provinces, vice-chancellors of universities, women, social and political workers, and students, have been invited to attend.

The celebrations will be aimed at highlighting the importance of the Constitution and its role in the democratic process of the country. The Constitution of Pakistan was adopted on April 10, 1973, and has been the supreme law of the country since then. It provides a framework for the governance of Pakistan, outlining the rights and responsibilities of the citizens, the federal structure of the government, and the powers of its institutions.

The month-long celebrations are a tribute to the Constitution and its role in shaping the country’s democratic history. The celebrations will also serve as an opportunity for the country to reflect on the progress made over the past fifty years, as well as the challenges that lie ahead. It is crucial to remember the importance of a Constitution in a democratic society and the need to uphold its principles in the face of any adversity.

In his statement, Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf emphasized the importance of celebrating national festivals and successes while rising above differences. The celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the Constitution will be an excellent opportunity for the country to come together and celebrate its democratic values and achievements.

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