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Pakistan Day celebration on 23rd march


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On March 23 every year, Pakistan celebrates its National Day to commemorate the historic Lahore Resolution passed on March 23, 1940, which led to the creation of the country within seven years. This day is of great significance to the people of Pakistan and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The State Bank of Pakistan and all commercial banks will remain closed on this day to mark the occasion as a public holiday. This allows people to participate in the celebrations and festivities with their families and loved ones.

To show their love for the country, people decorate their vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and motorbikes, with flags and other patriotic symbols. Residents also adorn their houses, bazaars, and markets with flags and lights to express their patriotism.

The Lahore Resolution was a significant milestone in the struggle for independence of the subcontinent, and it paved the way for the establishment of Pakistan. The resolution was passed by the All India Muslim League at its annual meeting held in Lahore in 1940. It called for the creation of an independent Muslim state in the northern and northwestern regions of British India.

The resolution was a turning point in the political history of the subcontinent, and it inspired the Muslim community to strive for a separate homeland where they could live according to their own culture, religion, and traditions.

Pakistan Day is celebrated every year to pay tribute to the sacrifices of the people who fought for the creation of the country. It is also an occasion to renew the pledge to work towards the progress and prosperity of the country.

In conclusion, Pakistan Day is an important day for the people of Pakistan, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The closure of all commercial banks and the State Bank of Pakistan on this day allows people to participate in the celebrations and express their love for the country.

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