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Nawaz Sharif Blames Imran’s Backers for Economic Woes


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Former PM Nawaz Sharif the supreme leader of PML-N, asserted that the imposition of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister halted the wheels of progress. Speaking at a ceremony held at the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sharif emphasized the critical need for political stability and long-term policies to instill confidence in investors and revive the nation’s economy. The seasoned politician lamented the missed opportunities, suggesting that had the momentum of the 1990s persisted, Pakistan’s exports could have exceeded a staggering $300 billion.

Venting his frustrations against those responsible for his ousting in 2017, Sharif pointed fingers at Imran Khan and asserted that the sponsors who brought him to power were equally culpable for the current state of the country. He underscored the importance of fair electoral processes, claiming that the PML-N had triumphed in the 2018 elections despite issues with the Results Transmission System (RTS). Sharif alleged that deliberate delays in announcing results allowed for manipulation, preventing his party from forming the government despite emerging as the largest political party in the Punjab Assembly.

Recalling the twists of fate he faced, Sharif highlighted the challenges faced by prime ministers, questioning how a country could progress when its leaders faced imprisonment, exile, or worse. He reflected on his own experience, recounting the abrupt transition from being the Prime Minister of Pakistan to being labeled a plane hijacker in the aftermath of the 1999 coup against his government.

Addressing a workers’ convention in Sialkot, Sharif argued that the PML-N government’s ousting was unjustified, citing the party’s achievements in curbing inflation, eliminating load shedding and terrorism, and fostering rapid development. The former premier contended that the Stock Exchange of Pakistan had flourished under PML-N’s governance, making it one of the best-performing stock markets.

Expressing dismay over the sudden downturn, Sharif criticized the removal of elected leaders by judges and highlighted the incarceration of party leaders, including his daughter Maryam Nawaz, who faced legal troubles despite not holding a public office. He bemoaned the negative impact on the nation, asserting that a once-developing country had been brought to ruin.

In light of these challenges, Sharif reaffirmed PML-N’s commitment to focusing on the economy if elected to power again. He criticized Imran Khan for alleged corruption and accused him of tarnishing both the economic and moral fabric of society. Sharif concluded by addressing the plight of the common citizen, pointing out the difficulties faced by individuals with varying income levels in the current economic climate.

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