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Multan’s Blue Pottery: Export Potential


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In a revelation that could reshape Pakistan’s export landscape, Multan’s Blue Pottery has emerged as a prime candidate for capturing a substantial share of the global market. This promising development comes on the heels of Pakistan’s commitment to an international agreement with the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO), which paves the way for the granting of Geographical Indication (GI) rights to origin-based products, including the iconic Multan Blue Pottery. The potential of this artistic treasure was underscored by Socrat Aman Rana, General Manager of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), during a consultative seminar where he addressed the audience as the Chief Guest.

Unlocking Export Potential Through GI Rights

The disclosure made by Socrat Aman Rana, during the consultative seminar jointly organized by SMEDA, Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC), IPO, and MCCI, has sent ripples of excitement throughout the industry. Rana highlighted the immense export potential held by Pakistan’s origin-based products, particularly focusing on the enchanting Multan Blue Pottery. The key to unleashing this potential lies in securing Geographical Indication (GI) rights, a concept enshrined in an international agreement ratified by Pakistan as well.

A Collective Effort for Protection

The seminar, which was graced by esteemed speakers including Muhammad Asim Javaid Hashmi, MD PSIC, Ms. Shazia Adnan, Director-General of IPO-Pakistan, and Sheikh Muhammad Asim Saeed, Vice President MCCI, served as a platform for raising awareness about the necessity of safeguarding Multan’s Blue Pottery as a Geographical Indication of Pakistan.

Socrat Aman Rana, General Manager of SMEDA, shed light on the profound importance of the Geographical Indication concept put forth by WIPO. He emphasized how it can serve as a transformative tool for adding value to Pakistani products and conferring upon them a distinct market identity. This is especially relevant when considering the significance of the SME sector in Pakistan’s economic landscape. Rana also highlighted the pivotal role played by SMEDA in fostering SME sector development and its unwavering support for governmental agencies in realizing this goal.

PSTC’s Commitment to GI Protection

Muhammad Asim Javaid Hashmi, the Managing Director of PSIC, took the opportunity to inform the seminar’s participants about the concerted efforts made by PSIC to secure GI protection for products that hail from specific regions of Punjab, including the exquisite “Khadar” in Kamalia and the renowned Blue Pottery in Multan. Hashmi stressed the collaborative approach between PSIC, SMEDA, IPO, and industry stakeholders in expediting the GI registration process. As the registrant organization entrusted with preserving the integrity of origin-based products from Punjab, PSIC is diligently working to compile specifications and standards in accordance with the requirements outlined by WIPO.

Unlocking the Export Potential of Multan’s Blue Pottery

The potential of Multan’s Blue Pottery as a prominent export commodity is not to be underestimated. This age-old craft, with its intricate designs and vibrant hues, has the capacity to captivate global markets. Geographical Indication rights will not only protect the authenticity of this heritage but also open up avenues for increased trade and economic growth.

Multan’s Blue Pottery stands as a testament to Pakistan’s rich artistic heritage, and now, with the prospect of Geographical Indication rights, it is poised to make its mark on the international stage. The commitment of governmental agencies, industry stakeholders, and organizations like SMEDA and PSIC underscores the determination to unlock the full export potential of this cultural gem. As discussions continue and the registration process advances, the world eagerly anticipates the day when Multan’s Blue Pottery graces global homes, a symbol of Pakistan’s artisanal prowess.

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