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Lahore’s Online Passport Renewal & Home Delivery


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The government of Lahore has taken a significant step towards streamlining the passport renewal process by introducing an online service that allows citizens to renew their passports from the comfort of their homes. With the new system in place, people no longer need to visit regional immigration and passport offices, saving them from long queues and waiting times. Additionally, the online service offers the convenience of free home delivery, making the entire renewal process hassle-free.

To avail themselves of this service, applicants simply need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the online portal of DG Immigration and Passport.
  2. Fill in the first table with personal information, including full name, country, and email, and generate a password.
  3. Verify the email address by providing a mobile number to receive a one-time password (OTP).
  4. Use the verification PIN code and provided link to proceed further.
  5. Log in to the email passport account.
  6. Begin the renewal application process, providing the necessary details such as ID number and passport expiry.
  7. Enter their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number and passport number, select the passport type, application process priority, number of pages required, and passport validity.
  8. Add their picture, choose their country of residence, and select the passport office.
  9. Provide their Permanent Address, including city, province, and postal code.
  10. Upload scanned copies or images of their CNIC, fingerprints, previous passport copy, parents’ CNIC, and Thumb impressions as supporting documents.
  11. Proceed with the payment, agree to the Terms and Conditions, fill out the Billing information with their card details, and submit the application.

This user-friendly system not only simplifies the renewal process but also ensures greater convenience and accessibility for citizens. By offering home delivery as an option, applicants can now receive their renewed passports at their doorstep, saving time and effort.

The implementation of the online passport renewal and delivery system marks a significant milestone in Lahore’s efforts to digitize public services and enhance the citizen experience. It reflects the government’s commitment to leveraging technology to streamline bureaucratic processes and create a more efficient and user-centric environment for its citizens.

The new system is expected to alleviate the burden on regional immigration and passport offices by reducing foot traffic and queuing. It will also minimize the chances of errors and delays, as applicants can carefully review their information before submission.

As more citizens embrace the convenience of online services, the government’s digital initiatives are likely to expand further, bringing about a positive transformation in public service delivery across various sectors.

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