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Imran Khan Raises Concerns of Potential Arrest, Urges Dialogue in the Mid


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has expressed apprehension about a potential re-arrest as police surround his residence in Zaman Park. In what he describes as “probably” his last tweet before his possible arrest, Imran Khan raises concerns about his current situation. He emphasizes the need for dialogue and urges the establishment to avoid escalating the political crisis. This article provides an overview of Imran Khan’s statements, his call for an independent investigation into violent incidents, and his plea for restraint and wisdom to prevent further chaos.

Imran Khan’s Fear of Arrest and Surrounding of His Residence: Imran Khan took to Twitter to voice his concerns, stating that he feared being re-arrested as the police had surrounded his Zaman Park residence. Alongside his tweet, he shared a video clip showing police personnel in riot gear and police vehicles stationed outside his residence. The PTI chairman’s tweet indicates his worries regarding his potential arrest and the current situation surrounding him.

Call for Dialogue and Resolution: Addressing his supporters through a video link from his residence, Imran Khan urged the establishment to refrain from escalating the situation, emphasizing that it would not be beneficial for anyone involved. While he acknowledged that there was still time for talks to find a solution to the ongoing political crisis, he emphasized that fresh elections were the only way to reach a resolution. Imran Khan stressed the importance of conducting an independent investigation to identify those responsible for the violent incidents and arson attacks on government buildings that followed his previous arrest on May 9.

Historical References and Criticisms: Drawing parallels to the past, Imran Khan highlighted that in 1971, the force was used against the Awami League, the biggest political party of East Pakistan, leading to the country’s separation. He criticized the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) for attempting to bring the PTI and the army into conflict to protect the corrupt leaders of the PDM. Imran Khan expressed distress over the alleged illegal arrests and abductions of PTI leaders, workers, and even women and children, condemning the inhumane treatment meted out to them.

Warning of Escalating Tensions: Imran Khan warned that if restraint and wise thinking were not exercised, the situation would spiral out of control, making it difficult to restore peace. He claimed that attempts had been made over the past year to keep him out of politics, even at the cost of breaking the Constitution or violating Supreme Court orders. Imran Khan accused the PDM of avoiding elections out of fear of defeat and threatened that the government’s actions were creating grounds for an attack on his residence.

Cooperation and Support for the Army: Responding to allegations of terrorists hiding in Zaman Park, Imran Khan stated that if there were indeed terrorists present, his own life was at risk. He called for a civilized approach from the authorities and expressed his willingness to cooperate if the police carried out a search operation with a valid warrant. Imran Khan reiterated his support for the Pakistan Army, stating that a strong military was crucial for the country’s stability and security.

Imran Khan’s expression of fear regarding a possible arrest, along with the surrounding of his residence, has brought attention to the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan. He has called for dialogue, and an independent investigation into violent incidents, and emphasized the importance of fresh elections for finding a resolution. As tensions escalate, Imran Khan urges restraint and wisdom to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. It remains to be seen how the authorities will respond to his concerns and whether dialogue and peaceful resolution will prevail.

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