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Indian Media Spreads Fake Image of Padlocked Grave to Discredit Pakistan: Fact-Finders Uncover Truth


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Indian media outlets have been caught spreading fake news once again, this time by running an unverified image of a padlocked grave, claiming it was a common practice in Pakistan to protect the bodies of deceased daughters from being raped. However, fact-checkers have since discovered that the image was actually taken in Hyderabad, India, and the graves were padlocked to prevent others from burying more bodies in the same place.

The story was reported by most major Indian news outlets, including ANI, Times of India, News18, Times Now, NDTV, and ThePrint. The image gained considerable traction on social media platforms and was originally tweeted by Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch.

Upon further investigation, the image was cross-checked using Google Maps street view services by fact-checkers, who discovered that the picture was actually from a cemetery located in Hyderabad, India, situated opposite Masjid-e-Salar Mulk, a mosque in Darab Jung Colony, Madannapet.

The discovery highlights the growing trend of fake news and propaganda being spread through various media platforms, particularly in India, to discredit Pakistan. It is vital to ensure that news sources are reputable and verified before reporting on them to prevent the spread of misinformation and maintain journalistic integrity.

Pakistani netizens have urged Indian media outlets to focus on the increasing number of cases of violence against women in India, rather than resorting to false claims to defame and target Pakistan. The spread of fake news can have severe consequences and can lead to a lack of trust in the media and the spread of hatred and division between countries and communities.

It is crucial for media outlets to prioritize accuracy and impartiality when reporting on news stories to maintain credibility and prevent the spread of false information. The consequences of spreading fake news can be far-reaching and potentially disastrous, as seen in this case.

The discovery of the fake image of a padlocked grave being used to discredit Pakistan highlights the need for increased awareness and vigilance regarding the spread of fake news and propaganda through media outlets. The media has a crucial role to play in promoting accuracy, impartiality, and journalistic integrity, and must take responsibility for ensuring that the news they report on is verified and reputable.

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