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Explosion at Diamer Bhasha Dam Site: Three Dead and Seven Injured


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An explosion during rock blasting at the under-construction Diamer Bhasha dam in Gilgit Baltistan resulted in the death of at least three people and injuries to seven others. The incident took place while labourers were installing explosives required for the dam’s construction. The blast occurred in camp no. 6, where explosives were being installed to break rocks.

The Diamer Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muhammad Ayaz said that an investigation would be conducted into the incident, and the relevant station house officer was looking into it. He also confirmed that none of the Chinese engineers working at the site were harmed in the blast.

The count of casualties varied initially. Diamer Rescue 1122 District Coordinator Shaukat Riaz and the dam project’s spokesperson Pyar Ali reported three deaths and 10 injuries, while a statement from the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) provided the same count. However, the SSP confirmed that initially, ten labourers were injured, of whom three later died.

Wapda Chairman retired Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani announced monetary compensation for the injured and families of the deceased. Families of the deceased would receive Rs500,000 each, those seriously injured would receive Rs500,000, and those with minor injuries would receive Rs200,000. Additionally, the project contractor would provide financial support to the deceased and injured, according to its policy.

The Diamer Bhasha Dam is one of the largest dams under construction in Pakistan, located on the Indus River in Gilgit Baltistan. The project is expected to provide more than 4,000 MW of electricity and help with flood control, water storage, and irrigation. The construction of the dam has been ongoing for over a decade, with work on the main dam and related infrastructure estimated to be completed by 2028.

This incident highlights the risks involved in large-scale construction projects and the need for safety measures to be in place. The government and contractors involved must ensure that safety protocols are strictly adhered to in the future to prevent such accidents from happening again. The families of the deceased and injured must also be adequately compensated for their loss and suffering.

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