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Empowering Economic Growth: PM’s Vision for Pakistan


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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in a recent address at the Excellence Award ceremony in Islamabad, lauded the top taxpayers of Pakistan as national heroes, recognizing their pivotal role in the country’s economic landscape. These distinguished individuals are set to receive the prestigious title of honorary ambassadors of Pakistan, a gesture highlighting their significant contributions to the nation’s prosperity.

As a mark of distinction, high taxpayers will be granted Blue Passports, symbolizing their exceptional dedication to the nation. Furthermore, they will be presented with Pakistan Honors Cards. Prime Minister Sharif also announced an upcoming award ceremony to honor diligent and honest tax collectors for their invaluable service.

Emphasizing the necessity of collaboration between the public and private sectors, Prime Minister Sharif stressed the importance of a united effort to tackle economic challenges. He reiterated the government’s commitment to eliminating bureaucratic obstacles and fostering a business-friendly environment conducive to growth.

Prime Minister Sharif reaffirmed the government’s dedication to eradicating red tape and creating a supportive atmosphere for business expansion. He highlighted the government’s responsibility in providing assistance and implementing policies to propel Pakistan towards economic prosperity.

Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust private sector in driving economic development, Prime Minister Sharif underscored the government’s role in establishing favorable conditions for businesses to flourish. He emphasized the significance of policy implementation through consultation to maintain Pakistan’s competitive edge in global markets.

With a focus on enhancing revenue collection, Prime Minister Sharif emphasized the importance of innovative tax measures and the elimination of loopholes in the tax system. He stressed the need for reducing tax slabs while ensuring a fair and efficient tax regime. In addressing the challenges encountered by exporters, Prime Minister Sharif unveiled initiatives to expedite refunds and resolve pending litigations. He reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting exporters and streamlining bureaucratic processes.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Sharif assured full diplomatic backing for honorary ambassadors abroad, instructing Pakistani embassies worldwide to provide effective assistance. This strategic move aims to elevate Pakistan’s global stature and foster international partnerships.

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