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Saudi Crown Prince Congratulates PM Shehbaz Sharif


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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has extended warm congratulations to Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on his appointment as the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Sharif, 72, secured a resounding victory in the National Assembly, surpassing his rival Omar Ayub, who had the backing of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The felicitations from the Crown Prince highlight the strong ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, with Saudi Arabia being home to over 2.7 million Pakistani expatriates and a significant source of remittances for Pakistan.

The congratulatory message from the Crown Prince comes amidst similar well-wishes from other nations like China, Turkey, and Iran following Sharif’s election as prime minister. Sharif, who previously held the position after Khan’s removal in April 2022, faces a multitude of challenges as he takes office for a second term. These challenges include navigating relations with the influential military in Pakistan, addressing pressing economic issues such as negotiating a new IMF bailout agreement, and managing diplomatic ties with key allies like the US and China while also addressing strained relationships with neighboring countries like India, Iran, and Afghanistan.

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