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Careem shares top trends for 2022: Longest ride (900 km from Lahore to Abbotobad) in Pakistan


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Karachi, 9 January, 2022: Careem, the region’s leading multi-service platform, shares the most interesting trends and insights from across the multi-service platform over 2022.

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder of Careem, said: “2022 was an exciting year for Careem as we celebrated our 10th birthday, hit the monumental milestone of 1 billion rides, and supported the success of Expo 2022 Dubai and the FIFA World Cup Qatar. The Super App continued to deliver extraordinary value for customers as Careem Plus grew in popularity and we introduced a range of innovative new ride-hailing, delivery, fintech, and partner services, while expanding Careem BIKE in the UAE and into KSA.”

“We feel blessed to have raised $778,162 for humanitarian, education and economic empowerment initiatives throughout the year. The opportunity to support our communities and unleash even more potential in the region through technology is enormous and we can’t wait to deliver further on our purpose in 2023.”


Throughout 2022 Careem Captains completed 97 million rides and covered 1.2 billion km, with the most rides recorded in Saudi Arabia (26.8 million). The longest Careem ride in 2022 was 900 km from Lahore to Abbotobad in Pakistan, and the most active customer took 2,480 rides throughout the year in Qatar, including 17 trips in one day! The airports with the most Careem rides were Riyadh Airport, Dubai International Airport, and Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. City-to-city rides grew by 51% percent from 2021, and Sharjah to Dubai was the most popular city-to-city route for customers.

Over 24,000 trips were made to FIFA World Cup Qatar stadiums and 55,000 trips were made to and from Expo 2022 Dubai. Careem introduced intercountry rides in 2022 to enable fans to travel from Saudi Arabia to Doha for the FIFA World Cup Qatar, and the longest trip in Qatar during the tournament was 313 kilometers, with plenty of stops, sightseeing moments, and of course – football matches!

The most frequently forgotten items in Careem cars were cell phones, laptops, AirPods and wallets, and the most unique lost and recovered item was a bridal dress in Pakistan.

Doing Good

Careem customers, Captains, partners and colleagues donated a total of $778,162 in 2022 for regional causes. Donation tiles were launched on the Super App in Dubai and Pakistan to enable customers to channel funds for humanitarian, education and economic empowerment initiatives. $205,000 was raised for the Shahid Afridi Foundation in Pakistan which went to shelters, food and essential items for flood victims, including $68,000 donated by Careem colleagues.

Careem reintroduced charity car types in the UAE, Qatar, Pakistan and Jordan so that customers could donate up to AED 5 per ride. A total of $12,000 was contributed by customers through their rides. During Ramadan Careem and Hala matched all tips to raise a total of $352,000 for Captains in the UAE, Pakistan, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Careem Pay

Careem Pay completed 1,127,006 transactions in 2022, with 286,000 people using the simple and reliable Careem Pay fintech services that were launched throughout the year. Bill payments grew 4x in the UAE, as customers used Careem Pay to quickly and easily pay bills, from phone, TV and internet, to electricity, water and gas, to Salik and Nol. Across all markets, customers topped up $50 million into their Careem Pay wallets and paid $12 million in bill payments and mobile recharge. Careem Pay processed $520 million worth of card payments across all Careem and Super App tenant services.

Careem Pay’s domestic peer-to-peer money transfer service continued to rise in popularity with customers using it to split social expenses, pay service providers, or share sports games or lessons, from padel and swimming to football and basketball. Careem Pay’s international remittance service between the UAE and Pakistan enabled customers to seamlessly transfer money in minutes at competitive rates through the Careem app. And Careem Pay’s One-Click-Checkout product, now available on 1,500 online merchants, made shopping easier than ever for customers by allowing them to use their pre-saved payment, contact, and location details to shop online outside the Careem app.

Careem Plus

Careem Plus subscribers grew 10x since it was launched, with total savings of AED 50.2 million. The average saving per customer was AED 105 per month (over 5x the monthly membership of AED 19), and some of the most heavily engaged customers saved more than AED 1,000 each month.


Food orders in the UAE, KSA, and Jordan grew by 21% in 2022 to reach 11.4 million meals, and Careem onboarded over 8,700 new restaurants onto the app. The most popular restaurants ordered through Careem in 2022 were Al Baik (KSA) and McDonalds (UAE and Jordan). The most ordered food item was Chicken McNuggets, however Careem recorded a 47% increase in healthy food orders in 2022 compared to 2021.

Over 16,000 orders were made through Careem’s Group Ordering feature over 2022, saving $82,544 in delivery fees. The largest order group was made by 13 customers in Amman, for a basket worth $130 (92.30 JOD) from Yellow Broasted.


Careem launched its 9th Quik dark store in Dubai, expanding the network to cover 90% of the city.  Monthly grocery orders through Careem Quik grew 26x in 2022, and the number of grocery items available in each Quik dark store doubled, with new categories like fresh meat and seafood on offer to customers.

Male customers ordered lots of Coca Cola and very few vegetables through Careem Quik, while female customers ordered more fruits, vegetables and herbs. Overall the most popular orders made through Quik were Vimto, Al Ain water, and Chiquita bananas. One customer ordered 216 bottles of Vimto for 2,100 dirhams which were delivered by 18 Captains. The fastest delivery recorded was 2 minutes and 5 seconds.


Orders made through Careem’s B2B delivery business, Careem Express, grew 2.3x in 2022, with more than 10 million items delivered for businesses across the region. 505,856 burgers were delivered for Careem clients including McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees and Kitopi. The peak time for Express orders was Black Friday on 25 November when 45,000 items were delivered in a single day across UAE, KSA and Qatar. In one case, 50 furniture items were transported in a single delivery to furnish a bedroom in Jumeirah in Dubai.

 The Careem app now offers over a dozen services including ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, micro-mobility, payments, and partner services including car rental, home cleaning, laundry services and ticket purchasing. Customers can open or download Careem from the App Store, Google Play, or via direct Android download.

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