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All Parties Conference calls for ensuring the supremacy of parliament and addressing Pakistan’s crises


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An All Parties Conference (APC) was held in Islamabad on Wednesday to address the political, judicial, and economic crises that have created uncertainty in Pakistan. The APC issued a joint declaration, emphasizing the need to ensure the supremacy of parliament and make political decisions in the parliament instead of the courts.

The APC called for simultaneous elections and urged all parties to negotiate and agree on a date for the elections. They also questioned the lack of implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP), which was established to end terrorism in the country. The APC demanded that those responsible for not implementing the NAP be held accountable.

The APC stressed the importance of the 18th Amendment being implemented in its original spirit, devolving powers to lower levels, and establishing a National Finance Commission immediately. The protection of provincial constitutional rights such as electricity and gas net profit, petrol surcharge, and royalty, as well as the immediate restoration of student unions in the country, was also demanded.

The APC also called for a review of the 19th Amendment and the presentation of all missing persons to court immediately. They further advocated for the revival of the Land Reforms Act of 1977 and the delimitation of urban land, especially for real estate schemes.

The APC’s joint declaration urged that any conspiracy against provincial autonomy would not be tolerated. They pointed out that the root of the crisis lies in not having a full court, writing the constitution instead of interpreting 63-A, and not accepting the 4-3 decision.

The APC’s declaration highlights the need for Pakistan’s political leaders to work together to address the challenges facing the country. It calls for the implementation of crucial constitutional amendments, accountability for those who have failed to implement important policies, and the protection of provincial rights.

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