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Punjab’s Heritage: Walled Cities Authority Expansion


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In a monumental development, the jurisdiction of the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) has undergone a significant expansion, now encompassing the entirety of Punjab. As unveiled through an official notification by the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, the organization’s nomenclature has been appropriately revised to reflect this broader mandate. Henceforth, the WCLA will be known as the “Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority.”

This transformative shift signals a strategic reorientation of the authority’s scope, transcending the confines of Lahore to embrace the rich historical and cultural tapestry of the entire Punjab province. Kamran Lashari, the Director General of the Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority, expressed the organization’s renewed commitment to safeguarding and promoting the heritage embedded in special historical sites and cultural landmarks throughout Punjab.

The evolution of the WCLA into the Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority heralds a new era in heritage preservation and cultural promotion. The decision to extend the authority’s jurisdiction reflects a profound recognition of the diverse and multifaceted historical treasures that dot the landscape of Punjab. This strategic move acknowledges the need for a comprehensive approach to conservation and celebration, recognizing the integral role that heritage plays in shaping the identity of the entire province.

With this expanded mandate, the Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority is poised to become a focal point for initiatives aimed at preserving, restoring, and showcasing the rich tapestry of Punjab’s history. The authority’s portfolio will now include a diverse array of historical sites and cultural landmarks, each with its unique significance and story to tell. From ancient forts to time-honored monuments, the authority’s reach extends to the farthest corners of Punjab, ensuring that no historical gem is left unattended.

Kamran Lashari, in elaborating on the authority’s enhanced role, emphasized the significance of this expansion in fostering a deeper connection with Punjab’s heritage. He articulated a vision where the Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority becomes a catalyst for cultural appreciation and awareness, engaging with communities across the province to instill a sense of pride in their shared history.

As the authority takes its place as the vanguard of Punjab’s heritage, it is committed not only to preservation but also to dynamic engagement. The diverse cultural landscape of Punjab will now find a unified custodian in the Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority, ensuring that the legacy of the past resonates vibrantly in the present and guides the province into the future.

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