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PML-N Readies for 2024 Elections


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In a strategic move gearing up for the 2024 elections, the PML-N Punjab chapter President, Rana Sanaullah, and Election Cell Chairman, Senator Ishaq Dar, spearheaded a pivotal meeting via video link with the party’s Punjab divisional coordinators and presidents. The virtual assembly, marked by its significance in shaping the party’s electoral roadmap, saw Dar and Sanaullah imparting crucial directives to the coordinators.

Amidst the interactive session, Dar and Sanaullah delineated essential tasks, emphasizing the coordinators’ pivotal role in the prelude to the 2024 elections. Notably, all coordinators were tasked with engaging in comprehensive consultations with divisional and district organizational officials, as well as various wings within the party. The objective is to harness collective wisdom and insights, channeling them into recommendations for the most fitting candidates for the impending general elections in 2024. These recommendations are slated to be submitted to the meticulous scrutiny of the PML-N Election Cell for careful consideration.

The palpable anticipation surrounding the party’s strategic decisions is expected to be quelled by December 1, as the PML-N Parliamentary Board prepares to unveil its carefully crafted determinations. This pivotal date on the political calendar is poised to illuminate the trajectory the PML-N will navigate as it readies itself for the electoral arena.

In a bid to fortify the grassroots foundation, all coordinators have been entrusted with a weighty responsibility. Beyond the realm of candidate selection, they are tasked with mediating and resolving any localized differences that may emerge within their respective divisions. This multifaceted role underscores the party’s commitment not only to assembling a formidable candidate lineup but also to ensuring internal cohesion and harmony, vital elements in the pursuit of a successful electoral campaign.

As the party gears up for the electoral battleground, this strategic meeting serves as a testament to the meticulous planning and foresight within the PML-N leadership. The emphasis on inclusive decision-making and conflict resolution at the local level reflects a commitment to a robust and united front as the party approaches the challenges and opportunities of the impending electoral cycle.

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