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Lahore Police Grand Promotions


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In a commendable move towards recognizing and rewarding dedicated service, the Lahore Police has recently promoted 127 Assistant Sub-Inspectors to the esteemed rank of Sub-Inspectors. Simultaneously, the force has elevated 486 Constables to the esteemed position of Head Constables, along with an additional 92 C2 Constables who received well-deserved promotions to the rank of Head Constable.

This year’s promotion cycle has seen a total of 852 deserving policemen ascending to the position of Sub-Inspectors, while 779 have been elevated to the crucial role of Head Constables. The promoted individuals represent diverse units within the force, including Operations, Investigations, and the Security Division. A ceremonious event held at the Capital City Police Office in Lahore marked the occasion, where SSP (Admin) Atif Nazir and SSP (Legal) Ghulam Hussain Chohan took part in pinning new badges onto the promoted staff.

Lauding the achievements of the newly promoted officers, CCPO Lahore Bilal Siddique Kamyana extended his heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing the critical role these officers play in upholding law and order in the city. He urged the promoted staff to approach their duties with renewed commitment and dedication, underscoring the significance of promptly addressing matters related to police promotions. CCPO Kamyana stressed the correlation between timely promotions and enhanced service delivery to the citizens, reinforcing the Lahore Police’s commitment to ensuring public safety and security.

Highlighting the transparent and merit-based promotion processes ongoing across all ranks within the force, Bilal Siddique Kamyana reiterated the principles of meritocracy and seniority in recognizing and rewarding exemplary service. The CCPO directed the newly promoted personnel to prioritize providing exceptional services to the people, fostering a sense of community safety and trust.

As the Lahore Police continues to invest in recognizing and advancing the careers of its dedicated officers, this recent promotion ceremony stands as a testament to the force’s commitment to excellence. The promoted individuals, now in elevated roles, are poised to contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts aimed at ensuring a safer and more secure Lahore.

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