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What is the public opinion on Meghan’s new Netflix project?


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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has found herself at the center of controversy once again, with royal expert Angela Levin suggesting that Markle may be strategically orchestrating plans to overshadow King Charles and Kate Middleton’s battles with illness.

Levin, speaking to The Sun, accused Markle of exerting control over her husband, Prince Harry, since the inception of their relationship. She claimed that Markle has been unkind and rude towards the Royal Family and has said several times that she can’t stand them.

The timing of Markle’s latest business venture, amid the health struggles of key members of the royal family, has drawn criticism from some quarters. Levin pointed to Markle’s previous comments, including an interview with The Cut in August 2022, where Markle hinted at the challenges of forgiveness.

The juxtaposition of Markle’s words with the timing of her latest business venture has fueled debate and drawn scrutiny from observers, with many questioning the motivations behind her actions.

Markle’s tumultuous experiences in the UK and her hesitance to return to the country have been widely reported. She is reportedly opposed to revisiting what she perceives as traumatic memories, even if it means differing with her husband, Prince Harry, on efforts to reconcile with the royal family.

The palace has assured the public of King Charles‘ optimistic outlook and commitment to his treatment regimen. The king’s outpatient treatment will allow him to carry out official duties, with a hopeful anticipation of returning to full public engagement in due course.

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