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Kuch Ankahi’ Finale: A Heartwarming Conclusion


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The highly anticipated finale of the Nadeem Baig-directed drama ‘Kuch Ankahi’ left viewers with a range of emotions as it beautifully wrapped up the storylines of its characters. The final episode aired on Saturday, and it brought a wholesome and happy ending for all involved. The engagement of Salman (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Aaliya (Sajal Aly) delighted fans, while Asfar (Sheheryar Munawar) won hearts for his selfless sacrifice. Additionally, Samiya (Mira Sethi) and Sofia (Vaneeza Ahmed) found the peace and resolution they had been longing for since the beginning of the series.

The finale, written by Muhammad Ahmed, received high praise from fans who had followed the Agha family’s journey over the past six months. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussions and celebrations of this much-needed improvement in Pakistani television. The theme song, “Dildara,” performed by Azaan Sami Khan, added a cherry on top during the final moments of the drama.

Many viewers commended ‘Kuch Ankahi’ for being a significant upgrade to Pakistani TV, deviating from the usual glamorous houses, conniving saas (mother-in-law), evil Paphos, crying bahus (daughters-in-law), and confused cheating men that are often portrayed in dramas. The show stood out for its quality content and was hailed as a step away from the typical TV content that has dominated the industry.

While Team Salman emerged victorious in the love triangle, fans of Asfar found solace in his heartfelt conversation with Aaliya before she chose Salman. This closure resonated with viewers, sparking discussions about the complexities of love and sacrifice. Some fans drew parallels between the love triangle in ‘Kuch Ankahi’ and the iconic film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,’ featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, and Kajol.

The writing of the series also received praise for its ability to create grey characters who were not portrayed as outright villains for their choices. Asfar’s character development, in particular, impressed viewers, as he transformed from someone initially disliked to a character they grew fond of. The exceptional writing allowed his story to conclude in a beautiful way, with him reuniting with his family.

The chemistry between Sajal and Bilal was a highlight of the drama, and their final scene together resonated deeply with the audience. Fans couldn’t help but admire the on-screen couple, describing them as the prettiest couple to exist.

The conclusion of ‘Kuch Ankahi’ left a void in the hearts of dedicated viewers, who expressed their gratitude for the memorable journey the drama provided every Saturday. Many eagerly anticipate the next project that brings together Bilal and Sajal, as they long to witness their chemistry on screen once again.

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