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Second Phase of Deportation Operation for Afghan Citizen


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The Federal Interior Ministry has directed the Punjab government to commence the second phase of an operation targeting the deportation of Afghan citizen card holders starting from April 15. This directive was issued following a video conference led by Federal Interior Secretary Aftab Durrani, in the presence of Punjab Home Secretary Noorul Amin and other key officials. The federal government will provide Punjab with lists of Afghan Citizen Card Holders, which will then be shared with law enforcement agencies, including the police.

Initially, the card holders will be encouraged to voluntarily return to Afghanistan, with subsequent measures in place for the arrest and deportation of those who do not comply. Notably, the availability of data on Afghan citizen card holders within the federal government is expected to streamline the process, addressing past challenges associated with tracing illegal foreigners.

Following the completion of the second phase of deportations, discussions have already begun regarding the initiation of phase three, which will focus on deporting Afghan POR (Proof of Residence) card holders. It is reported that over 400,000 illegal foreign Afghans have already been deported, reflecting the significant scale of this operation aimed at ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

In light of these developments, the authorities are intensifying efforts to enforce deportation measures effectively, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between federal and provincial entities to address issues related to illegal immigration. The meticulous planning and execution of these phases underscore the government’s commitment to maintaining order and security within the country.

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