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How are people coping with the lack of gas supply during ramadan?


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During the sacred month of Ramazan, promises of uninterrupted gas supply by provincial governments have fallen short, leaving households grappling with a scarcity of gas. This situation has forced many residents to turn to LPG cylinders for cooking, leading to a surge in prices and exploitation by dealers. The populace, disillusioned by broken promises, is facing financial strain and frustration due to the unavailability and high costs of gas.

Individuals like Shaan in Karachi and Asif Abbasi express their dismay over the steep rise in LPG cylinder prices, disrupting their daily budgets. Across cities like Lahore, residents like Muhammad Ejaz and Muhammad Umair criticize the government for failing to deliver on gas supply assurances, pushing people to resort to costly alternatives like LPG. The situation is echoed in Peshawar, where Sakina and Zahra highlight the challenges of gas load shedding and exorbitant LPG prices, impacting daily life and meal preparation during Ramazan.

The LPG Distributors Association acknowledges the discrepancy between official and retail prices of LPG, attributing the price hikes to hoarding and profiteering. Dealers like Sikandar Khan in Peshawar confirm the price increases but also point to supply shortages as a factor driving up costs. Despite efforts by gas companies to ensure gas supply during sehri and iftar, the struggle for affordable and accessible gas persists, leaving many families in a difficult position during this holy month.

The plight of residents facing gas shortages and inflated LPG prices during Ramazan underscores a pressing issue that demands attention and resolution to alleviate the burden on households across Pakistan.

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