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    LPG Prices Surge in October: Impact on Producers and Consumers

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    The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has announced a substantial increase in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) prices, effective from October 1, 2023, in line with the federal government’s policy directives. This pricing adjustment reflects a significant rise in LPG rates, which will have far-reaching implications for both LPG producers and consumers.

    In the latest pricing determination, the LPG producer price has surged to Rs219,686.69 per ton for October 2023, compared to Rs198,826.33 per ton in September. This increase amounts to Rs20,860.36 per ton, representing an 8.7% uptick. Consequently, the price of an 11.8kg LPG cylinder will rise by Rs246.15. Similarly, the LPG consumer price has also experienced a noteworthy increase. Shifting from the September rate of Rs240,126.33 per ton, the October price now stands at Rs260,986.69 per ton, signifying a similar increase of Rs20,860.36 per ton and leading to a Rs246.15 hike in the 11.8kg cylinder’s price.

    The driving force behind this substantial price surge is the direct correlation between LPG producer prices and two key factors: the Saudi Aramco contract price and the US dollar exchange rate, as stated by Ogra. When compared to the previous month, the Saudi Aramco contract price has surged by 9.53%, while the average dollar exchange rate has increased by 1.15%. These combined factors contribute to the Rs246.15 increase in the cost of an 11.8kg LPG cylinder.

    This development underscores the impact of global market dynamics on LPG prices in Pakistan, with consumers and producers both feeling the effects of these fluctuations. The precise implications of these price adjustments on the LPG market and the broader economy remain to be seen.

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