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Musical Journey of STRLING


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Meet STRLING, the pop duo formed by Alex Makris and Jake Ishler. We got a chance to talk with them and learn about their journey into the world of music.

Alex, one half of the duo, discovered his passion for singing during his senior year of high school. After a successful performance at a school assembly, he felt a strong connection to music.

Jake, the other half of STRLING, chose a creative career because music held a special place in his heart too.

Both came together through a series of events that led Jake to attend one of Alex’s solo shows in Chicago. Bonding over their shared love for music, they decided to collaborate, landing a deal that marked the beginning of STRLING.

Now, STRLING is not just a musical partnership but an unexpected brotherhood that just makes sense.

For STRLING, music is not just a pursuit; it’s a challenging and expensive journey. The duo thrives on making music that is anything but passive, bringing their dynamic and dramatic personalities into every song.

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