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The influence of TikTok on music industry


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TikTok has become one of the music industry’s most powerful promotional platforms, with several Grammy nominees rising to popularity due to TikTok videos featuring their music. However, as deals with major music companies expire, the music labels are seeking to receive some of TikTok ad revenue.

The app limits music clips to one minute and does not allow the full-length songs available on other streaming apps, leading some industry executives to argue that TikTok should be paying more. Recently, TikTok began preventing certain users in Australia from using some music in their videos, which the company says is a limited test.

TikTok is an important platform for the music industry as it is popular with young consumers who serve as music’s tastemakers, with half of consumers aged 16 to 24 using TikTok weekly. The ability to create videos on TikTok helps forge a connection with fans, but some artists have complained about pressure to create TikTok videos to promote their music.

TikTok influence on the music industry is undeniable and has become a crucial part of a musician marketing strategy. The app algorithm and personalized feed help to surface new and emerging artists to its young audience, creating a massive potential for viral success.

This can lead to increased exposure and popularity for the artists, as well as major benefits for their record labels. On the other hand, the app control over the distribution of music, limitations on song lengths, and influence over the  industry have raised concerns and sparked discussions about fair compensation for artists and labels.

Despite the challenges, TikTok remains a vital player in the music industry, providing an unprecedented platform for artists to connect with their fans and reach new audiences.

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